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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
4:36 pm - new song clips

i just listened to the new sound clips for Ellis Paul's new cd on his site and i'm kind of disappointed. i don't know why i thought working with Flynn on this cd would make it more acoustic but i clearly did. i'm not sure i dig this rocky approach Ellis has going for his career. especially considering how much i loved the versions he would do of the songs live.

if you've not heard the new sound clips, you can do so here

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
10:18 pm


im new to the community and i stumbled up the community when i was just browsing to see if anyone had ellis paul as their interest and then i found this community!

i love ellis paul just seeing him perform is an inspiration. He is so down to earth too.

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
1:58 am - 17 Septembers

I am having trouble finding lyrics to '17 septembers', I was wondering if anyone could help me out here.

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Sunday, July 18th, 2004
7:45 am - taken from the Ellis Paul Newsletter

Dear Friends of Ellis Paul,

On Sunday, July 18th from 1 pm - 5 pm,
Ellis and his wife Sharon Teeler are having their second
annual music and arts opening at their gallery,
The Willow Wood Gallery, in Edgecomb, ME. Ellis
will play a few songs at 3 pm. The gallery is a collection
of art by the owners and local artisans of the mid-coast
area, featuring pottery, painted furniture, and jewelry.
The gallery is located at 4 Mt. Hunger Rd E, Edgecomb,
Maine 04556, halfway down the River Road that runs
between Damariscotta and Boothbay, Maine on the
beautiful Damariscotta River. Light refreshments
will be served.

Ellis is the proud Papa of a beautiful baby girl.
Ellis and his wife Sharon had Ella on July 5th
at 3:52 am. Ella weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces.
Sharon is doing well and Ella looks just like her.
Ellis would like to send his thanks for all of the
kind emails, cards and gifts that have been
sent from all over the country. You'll be seeing
Ella and Sharon at Ellis' shows this fall!

If you'd like to take a nice summer drive to Maine,
why not go to Ellis' show at the beautiful
Camden Opera House on August 20th?
There's a link below to the venue and
Ellis' tour dates.

Thanks to everyone for taking advantage
of the $9.99 Ellis Paul CD sale. The sale runs
through August 4th. There's a link below
right to Ellis' store if you're looking for
some music.


Ralph Jaccodine
(781) 647-5646

JULY, 2004

Hillsdale, NY
(860) 364-0366, (866) 325-2744

Wolfeboro, NH
(603) 569-7710

AUGUST, 2004

Wolfeboro, NH
(603) 569-7710

Altadena, CA
(626) 794-8588

(831) 667-2574


8/12 WATERCOLOR CAFE ~ Larchmont, NY
(914) 834-2213

8/13 ACOUSTIC CAFE ~ Bridgeport, CT
(203) 335-3655

(207) 236-8448
$18 - 7:30 pm

Rock Hill, SC (803) 323-2108

(973) 616-0853

Ellis Paul Gallery

Camden Opera House Show, 8/20 in Maine

Ellis Paul Tour Dates

Ellis $9.99 CD Sale

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
7:51 pm - upcoming shows

anyone going to any of the 2 shows Ellis is having here in Boston @ Club Passim? the next night is Vance Gilbert so it should be fun...

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
4:16 pm - Cutting Edge of the Campfire Music Festival at CLUB PASSIM!

CUTTING EDGE OF THE CAMPFIRE AT CLUB PASSIM: Memorial Day weekend 2004! Friday, May 28th - Monday, May 31st.
Club Passim presents a weekend festival featuring the best in acoustic music from New England and beyond! Come check it out - it's only $12 per day or $20 for a weekend pass!!

The Cutting Edge of the Campfire is the premiere New England music festival, showcasing over 100 artists each Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend at the legendary Club Passim. Since it's inception in 1998, the festival has brought in the best in folk, bluegrass, blues, jazz, world, rock and country music to full houses from noon until 2am each day of hte 4-day event (with over 50 hours of music!).

Artists from all over are invited to play the festival, and this time we have performers from as nearby as around the block to as far as Chicago, Seattle, Toronto and even England! Performers mostly play in a round-robin format with three or four artists on stage at a time, swapping songs. You're apt to see spontaneous collaboration throughout the event, as well as special guests popping on stage for a song or two. The Campfire Festival was created to celebrate the emerging talent that we've found all over the country, but many of hte biggest names in acoustic music have donated their time and talents to the Festival, including Ellis Paul, Melissa Ferrick, Josh Ritter, Stephen Kellogg, Erin McKeown, Peter Wolf, and Al Kooper. This time around come down to catch Boston rock legends Willie Alexander, David Minnahan, Laurie Sargent and Asa Brebner in an intimate acoustic setting!

Club Passim's Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival has also garnered support from many local businesses and nationally renowned music festivals and organizations including BMI, Newport Folk Festival, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Apple & Eve, Signature Sounds Recording Artists, Cake Records, Whole Foods and radio stations WERS and WUMB.

The Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival is the only indoor festival of it's kind, bringing hours of new talent into a legendary venue for such an affordable price ($20 for a weekend pass, $12 for a day). For a full schedule and to buy tickets, visit http://www.clubpassim.org/campfire]http://www.clubpassim.org/campfire or call 617-492-7679.

Matt Smith
Cambridge, MA 02138

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Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
2:24 am - festivities

apparently Ellis Paul is gonna be at Clearwater this year and Falcon Ridge! looks like folks can get their Ellis Paul Festival Groove On!

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Monday, March 8th, 2004
6:47 pm - hmm

anyone going to any of the Ellis Paul/John Gorka shows coming up? i bet those will kick ass!

current mood: excited

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Sunday, February 15th, 2004
2:54 am

Hey all
Well no one's posted for a while and seeing as how I just saw him tonight I thought I should post. Wow, this show was amazing, every show is amazing. I just love his voice it's like nothing I've ever heard before. His concerts are truly amazing because like so few other singer I know he loves to go out in the crowd and sing, I swear he sang in the crowd for at least half the show, maybe more.
I really enjoyed this show I think because for the past week I've been dealing with a tough break up and he sang "The World Ain't Slowin' Down" and talked about how it was a break-up song about the person just saying "Ok, go live your life and enjoy yourself" and I just thought that was great and that I need to remind myself of that more. And he also played "She Was" which I'd never heard before but absolutly loved. This past week I've really been thinking, "He's not worth my tears" but after hearing Ellis' song I think I've gotta disagree. Basically the whole song is how about this girl isn't worth a ton of stuff but really in the end she was and I love that feeling more so than what I was feeling.
His friend Flynn opened for him and I must admit I was a bit bummed, I'm used to not having to deal with opening acts or going to see the opening act but Flynn was good and I bought one of his cd's. It made the waiting for Ellis not quite so bad. This was only the second time I'd actually seen Ellis and I must remember to go more often, after all if he plays nearby enough than I might as well. Only problem is he's going to have a daughter in July so that may cut down on the shows he does :(, oh well, I'll just have to play his cds with my eyes closed and imagine I'm there. Nite all.

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
4:50 pm - begger

has anyone heard the new songs by Ellis Paul yet? he said he's supposed to come out with a new cd sometime in the fall next year but i'm curious what the new songs are like? i haven't heard hardly ANYTHING yet. does anyone happen to have any of these songs recorded? i have some i could trade. :)

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
5:24 pm

Hey for all the Ellis Paul fans out there, I was just wondering if anyone knew if Ellis has a song on the new Farrely brothers movie that's coming out soon? I love Ellis he's awesome in concert. I've got three or four of his cds plus a compilation that he's on called "End Construction Crew" it's also got Brian Doser, Jim Infantion, and Jon Svetkey, it rocks. Keep listening to Ellis! If any of you are from the Berkshires I play Ellis on my radio show Wed. 12pm-2pm, on 91.1 WJJW.

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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
1:18 am - fanatic

i'm getting back into my Ellis obsession again. just talking about it with chriscatatonic has me spinning. he's playing 4 shows on New Year's and i want to go. so badly! plus he plays Chicago like 2 times a year. and Ann Arbor once a year. so whee! this only equals more Ellis than one can know!

he said he wrote 4 new songs! plus he's gonna re-do some older ones. yay! yay! yay!

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
10:18 pm - new ellis material

just in case anyone is interested, Ellis Paul is going to be featured on a new indie cd from KGSR with the rest of the members of the Ribbon Highway Tour. the tour is a Woody Guthrie tribute event. + the CD is going to feature a lot of other cool folk musicians. you can check it out here. the cd goes on sale in November. i'm excited!

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Thursday, August 14th, 2003
12:48 pm - they just started the preorders folks!

you can preorder the new album here.

yay for new Ellis!

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1:36 pm - Ballad of Chris McCandless

Word on the street is that there is another version of this song that didn't make it onto Speed of Trees, with an extra verse that was dropped for the final recording. Doesn anyone know the lyrics to that original version of the song or possibly have a recording of it somewhere (Tim??).

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Saturday, July 12th, 2003
7:24 pm - new lyrics

Ready To Go
(alternate titles might be: "Tear This Old Big Top Down", or "Baby Ain't It Good When You Go")

He poured sand in my pocket
He said, “Here’s your piece of Hollywood”
You were a ghost on the beach
You were just out of reach
He said, “The angels here are up to no good”

I’ve seen you walk like Charlie Chaplin
I’ve seen you cry like Natalie Wood
Sometimes I wish I could read you like a silent movie caption
‘Cause I’d get in your head if I only could

Now pack your boots
Your rhinestone suit
Take a walk on the wire
Feel the weight of the truth
Sometimes you’ve got tear this old big top down
Set the lions all free at Barnum & Bailey’s keys
Till the barkers and clowns are down on their knees
Let’s turn the lights on the marquee low
‘Cause baby I’m ready to go

You said we could move on out to Iowa
A wrap around porch and a sunflower scene
You got me running in the cornfields
I’m spinning like a windmill
You’re trying to make a scarecrow out of me

I said pack your boots
Your rhinestone suit
Take a walk on the wire
Feel the weight of the truth
Sometimes you’ve got tear this old big top down
Set the lions all free at Barnum & Bailey’s keys
Now the barkers and clowns are down on their knees
Let’s turn the lights on the marquee low
‘Cause baby I’m ready to go

I packed a one way suitcase
With my books and my wing tipped shoes
An old diary, a pair of blue jeans
And a picture that I took of you
And out on the freeway, Dylan was on the radio
The highway whispered like an old transistor
It said, Baby ain’t it good when you go

Pack your boots
Your rhinestone suit
Take a walk on the wire
Feel the weight of the truth
Sometimes you’ve got tear this old big top down
Set the lions all free…
Now the barkers and clowns are down on their knees
Let’s turn the lights on the marquee low
I said turn all the lights on the marquee low

Baby I’m ready to go

beware: this is only my attempt at what he is actually saying. we'll have to wait for the CD for that

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7:03 pm - i am...i am...a citizen

here'sCollapse ) some setlists for the shows I went to in July + some of the highlights

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Thursday, May 8th, 2003
10:35 pm - ellis & vance in the studio day 4

taken from the Ellis Paul Discussion Board:

Hi Pals,

This was a fabulously successfull day, despite me getting there an hour early. There I was, warming up in the hall, thinking it was a 10 o’clock hit and realizing that that was the time we had called for Tuesday. Plus I had forgotten to send directions to the video photographer thath was to come to get some studio footage of me for my DVD (also out in the fall!!). I’m not usually a spaceshot like that, but today…oy… So despite that false start I got a pretty fair version of Susan Werner’s “May I Suggest?” once Tom Eaton (engineer) rolled in. I was halfway on the way to completion when Ellis and the video folks showed simutaneously. Ellis had some great words of guidance for the last two takes, which were eventually the ones we used.

Then Jake Armerding showed up to grace a few tunes with fiddle and mandolin. We threw him a curve on two fiddle-needing tunes as they were in F# - not a real violin friendly key. After a bit of fishing around on all of our parts, Jake settled on some terribly tasty stuff that we can use for sure. In bounds Christopher Williams to visit at some point – great to see that talented boy. Then Jake picked up the mandolin and made absolute magic on Citizen Of The World and What Do I Want.

After a day of Jake, Ellis split to get back to Maine to do more battle with his infernal recording studio….quite the learning curve with the thing so he’s going for it’s jugular tonite….I cut the boy a break remembering the first time I tried to work a computer…est tu? I’m confident that he’ll be a pro by mid-month. I stayed after and got two separate guitar parts for Side Of The Road – one driving, one kinda easy-going. Choice time. Then I sat and played a few high-string guitar parts without the recorder on just for the feel. Tom Eaton & I jawed for about 45 minutes about strength in subtlety in vocals & guitar – always a lesson for me. Then a nice drive home for me. See you next installment!!


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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
9:23 pm - Ellis and Vance in the stidio - Day 3

taken from the Ellis Paul Discussion Board

Hi Y’all,

Today was day 3 in the studio and Ellis and I didn’t have to sing or play a thing!! It was Tommy West day. He’s a tremendous keyboard player, and he put a killer piano part on Ellis’ version of Neil Young’s “Comes A Time”. Soulful and sweet at the same time. Lucinda Williams’ “Side Of The Road”, that I sing the lead on, was also similarly graced, but this time on Hammond B-3 organ, sounding a bit more pastoral in places where it was needed, as that song seems to have an “I’m my own church” sensibility to me. Tommy’s part echoed that to a “T” for me. Jeff Black’s “What Do I Want”, sung by Ellis, had the B-3 again with a searching, mysteriouso feel. A raucous organ on the currently raggedy-sounding (thanks to my kind-of-wild, over-the-top vocals….thanks gawd for multi-track capability allowing me to go back and “do it again”….)“Comfort You”, by Van Morrisson, and a swelling organ (jeez…did I really type that? Yikes… but that’s the best explanation for it…) on our co-write “Citizen Of The World”, sandwiches and chips and soda and it was a day. A GREAT day
Thursday we have Jake Armeding coming in to do some fiddle and mandolin, and I get to do a ballad in the morning before he gets there so he can play on them. Hopefully I’ll get a good version of Susan Werner’s “May I Suggest” down that will have either the violin or the mandolin dubbed on later. Wish us luck!!


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Saturday, May 3rd, 2003
1:26 pm - FRFF

my friend told me Ellis is now scheduled at Falcon Ridge. whee :) someone report back!

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