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ellis & vance in the studio day 4

taken from the Ellis Paul Discussion Board:

Hi Pals,

This was a fabulously successfull day, despite me getting there an hour early. There I was, warming up in the hall, thinking it was a 10 o’clock hit and realizing that that was the time we had called for Tuesday. Plus I had forgotten to send directions to the video photographer thath was to come to get some studio footage of me for my DVD (also out in the fall!!). I’m not usually a spaceshot like that, but today…oy… So despite that false start I got a pretty fair version of Susan Werner’s “May I Suggest?” once Tom Eaton (engineer) rolled in. I was halfway on the way to completion when Ellis and the video folks showed simutaneously. Ellis had some great words of guidance for the last two takes, which were eventually the ones we used.

Then Jake Armerding showed up to grace a few tunes with fiddle and mandolin. We threw him a curve on two fiddle-needing tunes as they were in F# - not a real violin friendly key. After a bit of fishing around on all of our parts, Jake settled on some terribly tasty stuff that we can use for sure. In bounds Christopher Williams to visit at some point – great to see that talented boy. Then Jake picked up the mandolin and made absolute magic on Citizen Of The World and What Do I Want.

After a day of Jake, Ellis split to get back to Maine to do more battle with his infernal recording studio….quite the learning curve with the thing so he’s going for it’s jugular tonite….I cut the boy a break remembering the first time I tried to work a computer…est tu? I’m confident that he’ll be a pro by mid-month. I stayed after and got two separate guitar parts for Side Of The Road – one driving, one kinda easy-going. Choice time. Then I sat and played a few high-string guitar parts without the recorder on just for the feel. Tom Eaton & I jawed for about 45 minutes about strength in subtlety in vocals & guitar – always a lesson for me. Then a nice drive home for me. See you next installment!!


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